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hello,how are you? i love your work,and i ask if you could recommend anyone in israel who can work with the ears.please help me !!!thank you

Hello Doctor! How are you sir? My name is -, and I from Israel ,and I have a question please help me!!, I have folded ears (constricted ear) and i went to do surgery with plastic surgeon, I found out afterwards he used your pictures!!!!!
He uses images to your Web site, the analyzes you made and he puts them to his Web site and that's why I went to him, the surgery did not come out good and I want to sue him for that he lied to me and probably for many more innocent customers! , If you can help me and recommend a good surgeon in a specialist in the ears as good like you please help me
It is very important for me thank you so much!!!!!
Facebook pictures that I have not see so the problem I have in my ears, but who look closely can see.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I have not given permission for anyone to use my images from my site for their practice. If a doctor uses them to instruct how something is done showing them on my web site as part of a teaching process, that is actually nice to know. The tool on the Internet is there for public education for all. If my work becomes the basis for pubic education about problems, that is like an artist seeing his work in a museum being admired or creation being used: rewarding. I used text books and the Internet to teach my patients before I had built up my own resources which I designed for easier use. Teaching our patients was important and I learned from my teachers as part of patient education on cases we needed the tools to educate patients but did not have our own. That however is different than taking my images and putting on a different site and calling my work their own.

If a doctor claims to have done my work, and took cases showing this is how they solved a problem when the sculpture was mine? That would be bad. There are Ethics Laws better International Plastic Surgery Societies have in place prohibiting misrepresentation of skills or patients not done. Some medical license laws also carefully mandate such ethics. However, not all medical societies have the same public protecting ethics rules and not all medical licensing laws are the same. There are just a large variation of rules and enforcement out there. But if someone was claiming my cases were done by them, that is truly sad. Regulating bodies cannot act to protect the public for what they do not know. Taking pictures of the computer screen can document misrepresentations and dishonesty of someone using pictures on an Internet website. Screen capture tools vary by computer operating system browser, tablet, iOS and so forth. 

I have seen bad cases in the past. On one such incident from a hospital near Europe, someone was claiming to be me, with my photos, cases, but call a different number and address for my services?! I copied the images demanded they pull the scam off the web or I would send the documents to the news media and their government. The whole hospital site went off line for while until they got hold of their situation.

I did an internet search and did not find any Constricted Ear Cases not on my site that I could find.

Constricted Ear Deformity is an art form. Not all doctors have the same skills nor use the same methods. This is something better seen and understood of just what a doctor's skill are like. Options also vary by age as pressure molding technology evolved even while I was in practice although I was never able to get our babies parents to effectively manage splinting methods that evolved further over the years.

As far as the current situation. I am retired and no longer offer specific medical advice, but try to share my experiences online here on the forum. Sorry, that does not include private posts, messages, or emails. Just here.

The evaluation of ear deformity begins with the documentation. Consider posting my Standard Ear Pictures that is a great way to document the current state of the ears. If your doctor was following my methods, including the complete standard set of before pictures shows how the problem started. When I was offering Revision Otoplasty I also wanted to see just what the doctor did to get there and asked my patients to get their operative reports and progress notes so I could better plan and discuss options available. This forum permits posting of the images to show current problems and discuss surgical issues. We have many resources like How to Evaluate Otoplasty Pictures which only works if you also carefully consider How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon which covers the ethical issues you brought up if someone claims to do work they have not. Here is the more specific How to Pick Otoplasty Surgeon.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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