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I have officially done a consult with you in - but too late for you to do my surgery. Have lost weight and worked out and am ready but do not trust any Dallas doctors with whom I have consulted.  They all want to do lipo and that is all. They will make a mess. Please suggest someone?

Can you recommend a PS in Dallas? None that I have interviewed understand your process and want only to do lipo. I sent you photos.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Weight Loss Before Gynecomastia Surgery is so much better than after. I worked very hard to offer my patients the best surgical sculpture I was able to design. As part of my Dynamic Technique, unstable contour issues are best managed stabilized before the surgical sculpture. That minimizes recurrences and need for Revision Surgery. The Dynamic Technique was more than what happened in the operating room. Part of it was first settling down a moving target for the best result, least number of operations, and lowering health care costs. Compromises surgery options are choices for not only the patient, but one of surgeon's judgement. Sorry my retirement limited my sculpting of those who were not yet stabilized or other factors.

I saw or was asked for help for so many patients after surgery done elsewhere I started a review. There were over 500 requests world wide for my help! That, in my opinion says something by itself. I address my thinking and reasons in more detail here on this post:

Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - Will Liposuction Remove Gland?

There were so many, I started subdividing the cases by region. Here are some of the requests for help from Texas: Correcting Complaints After Gynecomastia Texas - Unhappy After Liposuction Alone

I have posted resources online on How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon in general and more specifically How to Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon. Just as I did for my own improvement in my surgical techniques, I still strongly feel that proof of ability is in how the results look and move living life.  Verbal hand waving words alone or limited one or two view examples can hide problems revealed as you look more critically beyond such blinders. My standard views and videos are basic I  established to critically analyze and improve my methods which I share with others to use decide for themselves.

I may no longer be offering medical advice nor operating, but I can still stimulate the system to evolve to find a better way.
This forum was designed as a resource and discussion area to continue the seeds I planted for my own methodology which kept evolving over time. I am no longer be doing the surgery, but can at least stimulate thought and moving to the next level. The question becomes, what is offered by others as to why their methods are as good or better? If there is actual contour, photographic, bruising, swelling, and comfort path proof, show it. Let us see a better way. I never was satisfied, I wanted constantly to be and do better. If I actually did the best ever possible, wow that would be unsettling and highly unlikely as I still envision a real magic wand some day making surgery unnecessary. But there is reality and fantasy. It is the exploration of the boundary beyond reality that drives creativity and improvement.

Hope this helps,

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