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@DrBermant what should someone do for gyno pain?

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Although Pain in the nipple region is one of the Symptoms of Gynecomastia or Gyno, it can also be many other things as well. I saw many men in my office who were making their nipples sore by pinching them. There is a thin muscle just under the skin that flattens Puffed Nipple Gynecomastia. The stimulation only lasts so long. Repeated trauma can make this region so sore that exam become confusing. Red Flag individuals, those with painful gynecomastia may need an Endocrinology evaluation. If the pain was from mechanical trauma, some chose just to stop the pinching and wait and see before the otherwise in my office mandatory clearance from an experienced Endocrinologist before I would consider offering surgery. We had  Second Stage Male Body Shaping Garments that patients tried on to give them a nice contour as an option to stop the pinching. That worked nicely as we also used the garments as a Second Stage Compression after surgery. You can see how effective Body Shaping Garments are in this before after demonstration I made with different body types.

There are many other causes of pain of Gyno pain, that warrant the discussion and evaluation of an experienced knowledgeable doctor. That can be a difficult problem as not all doctors seem to have the basic knowledge needed for appropriate advice, at least I saw a large number of them in my unusual practice over the years.

Another option is to take the time to read through my extensive introduction online about this problem, and join the forum. Retired, I no longer offer specific medical advice, but try to share my knowledge and experiences here.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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