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@DrBermant body image is subjective and often time related to self esteem. Some times and good shirnk&trainer should be seen first before u

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Better Plastic Surgeons have body image and self esteem evaluations as part of their routine components of assessing their patients. My training did. When I suspect a Body Dysmorphic Condition such as this discussion: Otoplasty Forum - Stress Living with Projecting Ears Video about Emotions, surgery was not an option I offered. However, I have also seen so many individuals tortured by others inflicting deep emotional scars about body contour issues surgery would have been an easy remedy but withheld because someone was forcing their body image ideas on someone else. You can listen to a small fraction about such issues on the many videos on my website. Here is one excellent discussion about the Emotion of Living with Gynecomastia. There are many such hot issues like living with facial difference, loose skin, traumatic deformities, mutilation, that all can raise issues. For my Transgender Patients, the Psychiatry evaluation was mandatory as part of the WPATH protocol.

Yet, there were other times I was not willing to offer bizarre requests for surgery, although such changes may have been within my skills such as strange shapes to nose or ears or facial features. Here are some unusual changes I did not offer:

I did repair deformities of belly button, nipples, lips, brows, nose, and ears such as Gauge Earlobe Repairs.

I would certainly suggest not asking for a psychiatrist or trainer when showing up in an ER with a traumatic lawnmower injury or severe facial fracture, although body image was still a factor in the trauma and reconstruction I was faced with. But your call, each to his her own.

You are welcome to join our discussion group and voice your opinion and experiences. 

Hope this helps,

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