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Dr. Bermant,

My name is - and I went through surgery to remove gynecomastia last summer. I was in perfect health with low body fat, so there should not have been many complications. Now that I am healed, I have discovered that the surgeon failed to remove enough gland on the left side, removed too much fat (crater deformity) on my right side, and left me with large scars (because he said my nipples were too small and he had to extend the incision). Now I have a prominent nipple on one side, a crater on the other, and scars protruding from my nipples.

I live in Lincoln, NE. I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend a good, experienced surgeon for a revision surgery. Thank you for your time.


This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Crater Deformity Complications from bad gynecomastia surgery come in many different degrees.

Leaving gland behind is another common feature of many of  the methods of this surgery as described in the literature. I did not like the results I saw with that order of surgery. Gland does not move or compress like fat. With a more critical look how tissues move I evolved my Standard Pictures for Gynecomastia, then even more revealing Standard Videos for Male Breast Reduction. For revision surgery I added additional views which can be found in Standard Pictures for Revision Gynecomastia Surgery.

I flipped the sequence of surgery targeting gland first with my Dynamic Technique. This permitted me to target the gland first and then what to do with the resources left behind. That works best with primary surgery before someone has done something. Options after surgery depend on many factors like the original problem, what was done, healing, Scar Care, After Surgery Compression and many other factors. Sometimes there are options on one side and not the other.

You are welcome to show others the original problem, share what was done, what happened and the current problem. Use the Revision Set of photos to show most complete set of images how tissues move. Scar issues sometimes require additional views to show how the scar bothers someone.

There are many possible questions. Is this something that is bad enough that warrants revision? If there was a problem, what went wrong? How was the original surgeon selected? Were before and after pictures looked at? Are the results similar to other results seen before surgery? If not why not?

Check our resource: How to Pick Gynecomastia Surgeon. For revision surgery, look for examples of specific expertise in managing revision cases. Revision surgery is often much more difficult and challenging.

Although I am no longer offering medical advice, I do try to share my experiences, set this site up as a resource to learn, and as a place for other surgeons to demonstrate their methods and skills at solving problems.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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