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Hi Doc,

I don't want to waste your time but was hoping you could help me. I am an American living in Brazil. Long story but my son was born here in 2006 and due to unforseen circumstances I had to stay here to take care of him.

I just had surgery on December 17th. Gland and fat was removed. The right side right after the surgery was fine and still is. Left side developed a hematoma and I had to go back to the surgeon the same day for him to drain it. My chest was extremely swollen.

If you have a few minutes can  I send you photos for you to look at and just tell me your opinion on what I can expect. The left side has gotten better but is a far way from being normal.

Sorry to bother you since you have retired and I hope all is well for you.


This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

A Hematoma Complication of Gynecomastia Surgery is a collection of blood in tissues where it does not belong. Hematoma come if different sizes and progress depends on the cause, how much blood ended up in the tissues vs. how much was removed, the original problem for surgery, surgical techniques, skill of surgeon, how someone clears bruises, after surgery care, Gynecomastia Compression Garments, and many other factors.

Typical Bruising and Swelling After Gynecomastia Surgery for my patients can be seen in this photo gallery. Click on the individual photos to see more about each patient, degree of problem, how they moved, and results. However, this progression was typical for my patients. Most surgeons do not show the path taken between the before and afters. How patients evolve varies with different techniques.

I worked hard at minimizing trauma, bruising and swelling for my patients, but a hematoma is a real complication that I discussed before surgery. We worked hard at prevention and they were quite rare for my techniques. With hematoma, Healing and Recovery for that tissue can be be slower. Like firm gland, the firmer healing tissues can distort the male cut look. Blood not absorbed can lead to scar tissue that can also distort the male chest contour as is discussed in this post:

Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - Had Hematoma & at 3 Months Look Same As Before

Sorry, I no longer offer private review of photos. However, pictures can be posted here in this forum for all to see and discuss. My Standard Revision Gynecomastia Pictures were designed to reveal critical details of such problems. The complete set are much better to document the problem, evolution of tissues, and how tissues move than just one or two views. Gynecomastia Movies are even more revealing of these problems. Posting before pictures, what was done and what happened also can help define matters.

For my patients, Second Stage Male Chest Compression Garments and Scar Care were critical pillars in long term treatment to optimize scars and help how tissues move after surgery. I preferred to individualize timing and method of care for each of my patients.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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