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As a Plastic Surgeon, where should I post answers to patient questions? I want to help others but prefer I get credit for work I perform helping others.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Helping others is a powerful tool.  There are marketing companies preying on surgeons for content such as questions being answered, that the marketing company gets the credit, not the surgeon. Building an identity on the Internet can have great value. Having searches on the Internet go to the content you made is best when that content goes back to what you made. The page should show the surgeon as the author:Google Authorship

So how does one do both?

I started answering questions and putting them up on my web site. This took forms such as: Inverted Nipple Forum to posting my patients' experiences such as: Gynecomastia Experiences.

The organization of answers tends to be haphazard, and was organized by topic and then larger collections such as Bermant's Bulletin Boards and Plastic Surgery Discussion of Patient's Questions and Answers. . Finding the questions can be made easier using a local search engine for your site: Plastic Surgery Search Engine. Eventually common questions were better managed by pages such as: Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions. The answers were somewhat limited but organized.

That puts the content on your own site and credit for the answers is yours. However, you need the questions being asked, and then people need to be able to find your work online. I put the social networking tools on each page of my site, but still the site page needs to be found by the search engines, indexed, and then the public needs to be able find you.

I tried posting on other forums but found one problem or another with each forum to the point I eventually decided to make my own: A Body Beautiful Forum and you can see the entry page to posting here: Plastic Surgery Forums.

Each post could have links to my main content. I could leave my content on the original site, had a great set of social networking publishing tools, a good search engine to find the content, and I could link to any post I was making. I could make any board I wanted, and search engines were finding my content fast.

I then evolved a better form of Gynecomastia Frequently Asked Questions that incorporated my posts that linked back to my own content. Check out an example like the second from the first panel: Rate My Gynecomastia. Try doing something like that with content generated answering questions on the marketing sites, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, or almost anywhere else I have looked. I even found a way to get Google Authorship set up.

I was able to set the forums up such that the bottom navigation links to resources specific to the topic. Check out our Lower  Navigation Toolbar.

   Otoplasty Forums

   Tummy Tuck Forum

Interested in joining this effort? Let me know. Looking for others to help build sections with resources, not just to their own sites, but major resources of value on the Internet. Resources should be major in nature. Eventually advertising may be incorporated.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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