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Facebook Like Stuffing? Have you gotten an email asking:
Like -- on Facebook
Since you're already subscribed to their email updates off of Facebook, -- has suggested you like their Page to stay connected.
xx likes

This is a misrepresentation of reality. Does it meet the criteria of scam or fraud? I have received quite a few such emails and never once have I been "subscribed to their email updates off of Facebook" or anywhere else. I do not need to "Like" a page to "stay connected."

Why people click on the links assuming this to be the case boggles my mind. Why anyone would even send out such a request also bothers me. Facebook Like Stuffing for SEO search engine optimization is reality, but to stoop to unethical claims about subscriptions that do not exist is just wrong. Are such false claims enough to be an issue for societies with Ethics Bylaws? Do not know, but not as egregious a violation as those offering free services for Facebook likes, like I have seen. Internet marketing has deteriorated with some really bad things I have witnessed and do not like. The honest ethical doctor has been a key focus of medicine historically. Internet hype distortion of reality are a disservice to this key feature of medicine and should be dropped by those considering such tactics unless they prefer the snake oil charmer carney methods, that do not belong to real medicine.

I have been tempted to write a response on the walls of such pages, but did not want to take the risk of exposing the people or saying why I did not like the pages. I have typically just blocked the people as people I wanted nothing to do with until yesterday. I am still trying to decide to tell this individual what they are doing or not. I hope this is not a trend that propagates and degrades our profession with untruthful statements for marketing gains? How sad. I am retired and perhaps should not care what others do.

Here are some other discussions on Facebook Like Stuffing:

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I just saw another sad attempt at FB Like stuffing
. In that case someone was claiming I had liked their page when I had not. In that case, I had reviewed the page found many things I thought were violations of Code of Ethics that my Plastic Surgery Societies use to maintain appropriate ethical photographic documentation and other issues. I did not mind saying nothing, but when that individual phrased a response that could be interpreted as if I had supported such a page, made me angry enough to post that response and block the person's account.

Facebook Likes should be based on content, quality of services, results, performance, not marketing hype. That is why I build resources like How to Use Before After Pictures, a much better tool to see the skills of an artist are how they transform problems into solutions and how those solutions move and perform in real life. Here is another tool: How to Pick Your Plastic Surgeon.

Yet, I have seen some very inflated numbers on several empty pages with no content. in some cases I went further and looked at the before and after photos and myself would never let that person touch me as a surgeon from what I saw. Yet the Facebook Likes were high? So what are Facebook Likes good for? Not sure.

What are your thoughts? Are such actions OK? Should there be cult doctors of high Facebook Like counts?

Hope this helps,

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