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I saw a post on Facebook where someone is fighting their insurance company to get surgery for their

Please help this is my last option cannot take this pain anymore I even included a picture from 20 years ago Can you please share I battled my insurance company bluecross and took them to the state commission of insurance and get screwed it proves if your not in the 1% no one cares all they said was we're sorry about your severe pain but we are not proactive please share this is my last hope

My last option for surgery it's a donation site battled my insurance and took them to the state courts all they said was sorry but for the pain get pain pills eff that I'm not taking pills and with living with and helping my father who's on disability paying for surgery is a long stretch all I ask is for people to share .

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Pain is Symptom of Gynecomastia, it is also a key Red Flag and something that is not treated either by surgery nor pain medications. Breast gland stimulation from unstable endocrine issues can cause swelling. This pressure translates into tenderness and discomfort. Neither surgery nor pain medications manage this underlying problem and why misadventures to manage individuals this way typically end in failure.

I worked with many Endocrinologists over the years to set up a better way to manage the problems of who should be seen by them before surgery. The goal was to minimize issues of Recurrence: Gynecomastia Revision Forum - Should Surgery Prevent Recurrence? Growing Again. We were concerned about unnecessary money being spent on stable situations. At the same time we wanted to lower the chance of recurrence since surgery does not stop breast growth. I was seeing too many failures and regrowth of breasts by patients with unstable gynecomastia operated by other surgeons. At the same time Endocrinology issues tend to be transient. The problems causing breast growth come and go, and once no longer present, discovering what might have been the cause typically an exercise in futility. This methodology of who should be sent to have evaluations evolved into my Gynecomastia Red Flag System. This method was received well during my invited Gynecomastia lecture at the American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists 2008 national meeting.

Gynecomastia Tests. Such testing becomes critical for unstable gynecomastia or someone with Gynecomastia Symptoms such as current tenderness, breast growth, and or nipple discharge. Other gynecomastia testing, such as a Male Mammogram, I ordered when my clinical hands on examination finds something that I did not understand.

The main problem is Surgery Does Not Prevent Recurrence or Regrowth. The focus of that discussion was for breast regrowth. That regrowth typically had pain as a sign / symptom before the size increase. That discomfort is not just a gynecomastia issue, but a human mammal endocrine fact and seen in woman under the same hormonal stimulation and part of breast tenderness seen during periods and pregnancy.

Emotional Pain
Gynecomastia causes more than just physical pain. There is also Emotions Stress Living with Gynecomastia. That video is a great example of the issues of the contour problem.

Body Shaping Garments
Since I could not offer surgery to all patients, I evolved an alternate option for those who were waiting for endocrine issues to settle, be evaluated, or who needed to lose weight first. Body Shaping Garments is a series of before after photos of different body types and the compression garments ability to deal with the contour  component. The video is especially valuable for how tissues bounce. Patients with pain told me that stabilization of the tissues helped with the discomfort. Some with very tender breasts were not able to use the compression vests until the discomfort was less. Not all garments had the same ability to contour the chest nor offer the same comfort. I have yet to see any garment come close to what this Stage 2 Compression Vest offered.

Hope this helps,

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