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I saw Dr. Bermant about 4 yrs ago and he suggested a lose some weight and come back. Can you suggest some Dr. who can perform this surgery now that this office is now closed. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Very best regards,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

It is not just a question as to who can do the surgery, but what are their results like for what problem.

When I was still in practice, Weight Loss Before Gynecomastia Surgery was the best sculpture I was able to offer.

You ask a common question, here are some similar requests:

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I still feel strongly that Weight Loss Forum - Gynecomastia Surgery not alternative to Losing Weight.

How To Pick Surgeon
Since retirement, I no longer offer specific medical advice but still share my knowledge about general issues and have been evolving tools like How to Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon. These critical tools of problem and solution analysis are what I used to evolve my technique over the years. My methods kept changing as I found better ways. These tools can also be applied to better understanding options like claims of compromise gynecomastia surgery effectiveness (if muscle building, loose skin issues and other factors are also documented.) That specific resource is an extension to How To Pick a Plastic Surgeon. I just revised that page so that it can be better seen by those with smartphones, tablets, or computers. We also have How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon Forum for basic discussions about the process of finding doctors in this age of marketing hype and finding the reality beyond advertising hype.

Forum as Tool To Learn and Find Other Surgeons' Skills
Another option is to use this forum to post problems and share concerns, what weight loss has done or what has not been done. Pictures best suited for someone who had or currently has weight issues would be Standard Pictures for Male Breasts and Loose Skin or Weight Loss Issues which I evolved for my Male Mastopexy Patients to best understand how well skin adjusted with the weight loss.

As long as some hide bad results behind limited photos, the public will be gambling what they may be getting. Here is one example showing Static Pictures Can Hide Deformity Seen in Real Life, Flexing, and Moving Muscles. . I preferred having a more complete understanding of the problem, defining it, and then documenting my solution. We live our lives moving actively, not with our hands down at our sides not flexing. For loose skin issues, not showing how it looks bending over, hides that contour component. For the compromise surgery choice, seeing the whole body, sides, and around the back would reveal how the global problem was addressed or managed. Just seeing the front does not work when going out on the beach when the whole body is exposed.

The forum is for others to share their new methods or ways to manage weight issues and gynecomastia. The challenge is to get beyond limited documentation of the problem and what any particular method or surgeon really offers. And that is part of the problem. Who else is putting up the whole picture? Without that detail, patients are gambling what results will be like. What progress was made?  What does it look like bending over? Is there a continued global fat contour component or is there now a loose skin problem? What compromises are satisfactory? Some are looking for motivation tools to continue their own body shaping with further weight loss. Others will accept the limitations of compromise surgery. I have set up a place where people can take charge themselves to explore problems and share experiences as to what works and does not.

You are welcome to join the forum to participate, use our resources, but retired, I am limited to my general sharing of my experiences and knowledge as I have given in this post.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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