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Question: I was just curious if Dr.Berment was still practicing ?  Some articles say he retired. I am in need of gynocomastia surgery. I am in Columbia Sc.   It is there from steroids I took over 20 years ago. Thanks

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Steroids are Among Medications That Cause Gynecomastia by disrupting the delicate balance of the endocrine system. For many what has grown, just does not go away once the active phase has passed. Some patients even though they stopped the steroids still had tender breasts years later. That would have been a Red Flag requiring an Endocrinology evaluation before considering surgery.

Yes, I retired Retired My Practice of Plastic Surgery on August 31, 2011. I still try to share my knowledge and experiences on forums and build resources for the public to better learn about their options. But, I no longer offer surgery nor specific medical advice any longer. As in a museum, there is much to learn here from what I have done, my techniques and sculpture. You can browse answers on this forum to see the nature of this continued passion. You are welcome to join the forum or just browse and use our resources here. Part of the goal here is to continue the process of evolving surgery methods, documentation, and tool like How To Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon.

If posting images here, learn about my Standard Gynecomastia Pictures a more critical documentation system that couples with Standard Male Chest Movies better reveal problems, solutions, and paths patients take to get there.

Hope this helps,

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