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Hi Dr. Bermant,
I came across your website while researching revision otoplasty.   I see that you are retired.   I'm wondering if there is another expert plastic surgeon that you would recommend for this procedure.   Your name comes up in just about every google search on the topic.   My 11 year old daughter is in need of revision otoplasty on one ear, her original surgery was not good.
Thank you,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Sorry, specific doctor name recommendations is a form of medical advice that retired, I no longer offer. However, I have built a resource where I can share my knowledge and experience here on the forums. Our forums are a meeting place where individuals like yourselves can post problems and images to show others their concerns.

Deformity after ear surgery can take many forms. Posting a set of Standard Otoplasty Pictures as well as the before surgery images can help define the original problem and the current deformity. Details of what was done surgically can also help define what happened. Posting pictures can be part of the learning process of what to look for in How to Evaluate Ear Surgeon Before After Otoplasty Pictures

Yes, it can be difficult finding surgeons who have a passion for Revision Otoplasty. Fixing bad ear surgery is a demanding art. Not all surgeons have the same skills. I have posted tools on How to Pick your Otoplasty Surgeon. A major issue on selecting a doctor is to see their skills at fixing specific problems. That is where the photos come in. How has your searching done in coming up with documentation of Otoplasty Complications? Each time I have searched, not a topic well covered. When I find a rare page typically there is little there that comes close to the critical before after photographs I used to define my patients' problems and solutions.

Empowering the Public
This forum is also a place where those surgeons who have a passion to post examples of their skills at addressing such deformities. Not all surgeons know how to make their own websites. Building websites can be expensive, especially for rare problems.  This forum is a public meeting ground, for those with problems and those who have solutions to share. Perhaps you can find a referral service or hope an Internet search shows you some doctor. Or, take the matter in your own hands and contribute to this expanding resource and tool for those trying to define and solve problems.

Beyond the learning experience about this ear and finding your own revision surgeon, posting here may show others what happened and try to prevent a similar issue in the future. What went wrong? Does the ear look like the doctor's before after photos? If no why not? Education can be part of the process of preventing an even worse deformity when seeking further surgery.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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