Author Topic: Revision Otoplasty -Want Ears Pinned More Inward Still Protruding Can I Consult?  (Read 4087 times)

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Hello Dr. Bermant,

I had read a lot about you and I really wanted to get otoplasty done by you, but unfortunately you were retired. I got it done by a nice Doctor and I asked him to be very considerate in pinning my ears and yes he was. Also he said that if he was considerate the upper part of the ear will be still protruding but still i insisted on being considerate.

Now that i want it to be a bit more pinned inward, could I do a revision? I would like to meet you and get your valuable advice before I move forward. I know you are retired but I am hoping that you can still share your knowledge and experience.

Can I get an appointment to meet you personally and what would be your consultation fee? I definitely want to meet you Sir!


This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Sorry, that means I no longer offer consultations, medical advice, meetings, appointments, nor specific medical advice. I no longer offer private email or private messages. What I do offer is to share my knowledge and experience here on this forum as you can see many examples.

Revision Otoplasty has its own limitations depending on the original problem, what was done, after surgery care, Scar Care and many other factors. Here are but a few of the examples. You can find other using our search function.

Revision Otoplasty Forum - Ears Pinned Too Close To Head How to Fix?

Revision Otoplasty Forum - 11 Year Old Daughter 1 Ear Original Surgery Not Good

You are welcome to share with others your concerns by posting your questions here. My Standard Otoplasty Pictures were designed to define deformity and sculpture. I used Ear Measurements for my patients to see about projection issues.

I saw many people unhappy with ears after surgery done elsewhere. There are limitations as to what surgery has to offer and in some cases the surgery was an issue. Part of any surgery is setting up realistic expectations.

The forum is designed as a meeting place for those with problems and those with a passion or special skill wanting to share or for patients to treat. If where I am able to share my knowledge and experience is not sufficient for your needs, you will have to look elsewhere.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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