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This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

You have invited me to "like" you FaceBook page on Breast Implants. Do you have any before and after examples showing how such a breast moved with natural life, ie lifting arms up overhead or using the pectoral muscles? Here are standard videos I used to document such issues for Breast Lift Mastopexy and operation I used to include implants as an option. Breast Lift Mastopexy - Standard Before After Videos. If just using photos (not as critical in demonstrating how tissues move then my Standard Breast Lift Pictures: at least have elements showing issues of arms up overhead and flexing pectoral muscles to show issues of above vs below muscle placement and how the body looks. I also documented the bending over view for both my male and female patients. You can see the concept on the Standard Male Mastopexy Chest Lift Pictures and Male Chest Lift Videos.

Dubbed “the gummy bear” or “cohesive implant,” it offers patients the possibilities of greater durability and a more natural appearance.

By natural, what does that mean? Rippling and wrinkling are issues. But so is a firmer mass as part of that breast. How does that firmer mass look on motion too? Sometimes it is a trade off of wrinkling vs mass movement. Hiding behind words alone misses the more comprehensive documentation offered by these ballet of motions that attempt to show what it is like to have this in the body. It is all about How to Evaluate Before After Pictures and giving the public a chance to see for themselves the power or limitations of our sculpture. As I refined my sculpture looking to improve my patients' bodies, I realized that how tissues moved were a critical element. Scar tissue, gland of gynecomastia, chest wall prosthetic, or implant: what are the issues of living with that mass?

That is the detail I would like to see to confirming statements that something does not wrinkle, supports a shape, or looks natural. I am of course speaking about wrinkling in the body. Showing implants out of the body is just not the same to me. Wrinkling is a dynamic activity and should have dynamic documentation in my opinion. To say something does not wrinkle without a demonstration, may be correct, I would just like to see for myself. The standard video photo concept evolved due to my concerns about such issues. I am sure that what I evolved so many years ago has room for improvement with better documentation.

That is why I added this forum to let others comment about such issues and help us move what I started even further.

Hope this helps,

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