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Dear Dr. Bermant,

I should have realized it was too good to be true...

I had found an artist, who would be able to offer that breast lift, without implants....

Ah then I noted retired.   

Well, I probably should have done this years back, but after two consults saying that my small C's needed implants if skin were removed (to avoid being A cup  afterwards... waved me away.

My question is to you:  Do you know of any surgeons that are of similar skill in breast lifts, in the Philadelphia, or surrounding areas. 

I am petite, 5 ft 2, 120 pounds and the sagging has  created an ugly rash which turns brown and is frozen off to keep it in check.  I am only 55, and have tried every harness of a bra to avoid irritation.  I would like to have a comfortable later chapter in life, without  compromising the sensual appearance of the breasts.

Thank you so much for your website, I am still viewing your work which is so skilled and artistic.  I am truly
amazed.. best work I have seen to date and I have  been scanning the web for the past 5 years. Too bad I missed your website way back when, or I would have traveled to Virginia.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thank you for your kind words. I take great pride in my problem analysis, surgical sculpture, and public education. I used breast implants early in my career, but became concerned about how tissues moved. For me I was looking at real living patients, not just pages off of journal articles.

That is how I came to develop my Standard Breast Lift Pictures and eventually what you see in my Breast Lift Mastopexy - Movie Gallery. I also documented how breasts looked when bending over, but only put on the web the male version same view: Standard Male Mastopexy Chest Lift Pictures and Male Chest Lift Videos. It was how a female breast looks bending over good or bad that was my concern for public showing vs still documenting to understand how tissues moved.

A Breast Lift Without Implant is compromise surgery. Sculpture is dependent on remaining tissues. Not enough, and breasts can look too small. Add the implant, and how will it look with animation, living life? That is the problem, something not typically shown that I have seen. For some adding that implant is an acceptable option. But I would rather that be one of an informed public seeing the powers and limitations of that particular technique. That goes beyond risks of living with an implant and foreign material. Sculpture scars, lumps of tissue of natural healing or scarred fat grafts are all issues I would like to see shown using at least my Standard Photos and even better videos. I would like to see my critical analysis documentation even made more powerful and further evolve.

Sorry, retired I no longer can offer specific medical advice such as a specific doctor's name. But I can share my knowledge and experience here in the forum. This forum is set up as  tool for the public to use. You are welcome to post your own pictures and see if others have similar methods. You are welcome to use and suggest improvements to our resources such as How to Pick Your Plastic Surgeon and make it specific for the Breast Lift question involving how tissues move with or without implant or factors of having an implant at all.

I have yet to make a specific section for Female Breast Lift as I have done with Finding A Gynecomastia Surgeon, another project in the works. But one consideration was travel. Travel For Breast Lift Surgery. I saw patients from around the world who preferred my techniques. That is a benefit for the surgeon who has the skills sufficient to put the quality of their work online. I built my own site. For those not able, this forum can be an option. Expanding the options for surgeons from a distance however opens up the need to see the path patients take. Bruising and Recovery After Breast Lift become more critical when choosing a surgeon further away. But try to find doctors willing to show that aspect?

Your question has been a matter for similar discussion here on this forum:
Breast Lift Forum - Never Happy Results 33 Years Ago Wants Revision True Artist.

Our integrated forum is also here to let those with methods show what they have to offer. A meeting ground for those with problems with those with solutions.

The public is able to further the power of this web site and resources by contributing comments or examples of concerns they are looking for in surgeons. The forum and site is here awaiting those looking for empowerment. When a public expresses what they are looking for, puts that out on the Internet with our social media tools, then at least that is being active and trying to fix something.

Defining Support Bras Just How Well Do they Support the Breast?
The same methodology can be applied to what are effective support bras. At The Surgery Store we have a Support Bras and Breast Wear. I would like to see companies permit me to direct research as to what bras can offer via similar standard documentation. Just how supportive is a garment. I was able to do that my self for male chest contouring Male Chest Body Shaping Without Surgery. I can help show the photographs and videos and comfort records needed to establish just how effective a garment is. This would need to be an Internet based effort unless the companies became interested in the truth vs marketing hype. That  is something a true leader with a special product can offer. Perhaps this is a problem that has yet to be solved well at all. I have yet to see some even try effectively.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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