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OK, this seems not fair that I finally find a doctor who knows how to do a terrific job on cleft earlobes and he’s retired.  I’ve been looking for a surgeon who can give results like Dr. Bermant and he’s not there.  Is this for real?  If so, can you recommend a suitable alternative, please?  I am an airline pilot, so I can get myself anywhere in the country quite easily.
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This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I did see patients from around the world seeking my skills and surgical sculpture expertise.

Congenital Cleft Earlobe is a deformity of the larger problem of Split Earlobe. There is a large variation of defect that can occur with this birth deformity. Missing tissue and strange shapes can cause creative problems with reconstruction. That makes reconstruction of this defect potentially more challenging than just a traumatic torn.

How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon is a resource I built to help. When looking for someone with skills for this problem, seeing actual examples of what that doctor can do with similar deformities can be useful.

Yes, it is real, I have retired but still try to share my knowledge and provide a forum for others seeking help. As a tool, this forum permits posting of problems and solutions by those with a passion for that particular situation. To analyze such defects I used Standard Otoplasty Ear Pictures which has views needed to understand overall ear issues. There are additional views there that better define the overall ear which can be critical part of problem solving. Once the problem was further defined as something more specific, then less views, like I use on my Torn Earlobe Repair Pictures.

Since the congenital earlobe defect can extend beyond the lobe, a better overview can be critical for the patient Traveling for Otoplasty Ear Surgery. The goal was to save patients money and limit travel. set up a system where problems could be defined, discussed, planned and after a confirmatory exam, the tentatively scheduled surgery for the next day be done. This was part of my Preliminary Remote Discussion.

Posting images of the defect here can help others understand your concerns. It can be quite hard to hide the lower ear with hair styles. Some come up with creative solutions. This forum can be used to share such ideas as well as be a place to find surgeons interested in this area of reconstruction.

Come use our resources, join forum to express views, concerns, and help others.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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