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Dr. Bermant,

I realize that you are now retired (congratulations by the way), but I see that you still post and try to help people with gynecomastia. My gynecomastia doesn't have a "rock" behind the nipple, my chest is just cone shaped and my nipple and areola are too soft and have no shape. Mine was caused by excess estrogen, I have high testosterone, but unfortnately I have high estrogen as well. I'm still trying to get my estrogen levels down, but in the meantime I want to search for a surgeon to remove it once I do because I understand that gynecomastia doesn't go away. Since adding muscle it hasn't changed much, but the rest of my body has improved which is frustrating. Since you seem to be the most knowledgeable and have the most imformation about gyno, are there any surgeons you would recommend? I live in North Carolina, but I am willing to travel if I can find someone like yourself who can do this surgery at an affordable price. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all your knowledgeable input on

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thank your for your kind words. After retirement I no longer offer private message discussions but I try to share my knowledge on public forums like this one.

I worked with many Bodybuilders with Gynecomastia. Bodybuilding is great for shaping muscles and work on global fat issues. However, what sits on top of the muscle can be pushed out as the muscle enlarges. Reviewing the Anatomy of Gynecomastia, the contour problem will always consist of fat, gland, and skin. Until that gland component is addressed, its contribution to the contour will remain.

Surgery is not a good option if the underlying hormone issue has not be stabilized. There is a great deal of content on this page. Carefully review all of the examples and cases detailed on this post: Gynecomastia Revision Forum - Should Surgery Prevent Recurrence? Growing Again. When I was in practice, I saw so many unhappy patients with breast regrowth after surgery was done on unstable gynecomastia by other surgeons. I have yet to see any results of a surgery done on an unstable gynecomastia patient that was successful using my critical documentation methodology. Many poor results can be hidden with limited photos or not using muscle flexing views or videos.

We have resources her on How to Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon, but most critical is surgical judgement: when to operate vs. when to get that patient to an experienced Endocrinologist. When I was practicing, I sent patients with unstable gynecomastia to be evaluated before such surgery. As with surgeons, not all Endocrinologists have the same skills. When considering saving money, realize that it gets so much more expensive if needing Revision Gynecomastia to manage a recurrence for something not stabilized first.

Why not consider posting Standard Gynecomastia Pictures to show the contour problems. Careful documentation can reveal gynecomastia growth. 

Hope this helps,

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