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This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I saw a tweet telling me I had followed a fake account set up to harass someone on Twitter. I follow individual, not to endorse them or agree with what they do, but to learn what is being said in my field of passion. That principle goes for surgeon, product, doctor, advocate, author, and other identities. I want to learn about both sides of the story and sometimes can learn from what some consider "good" results that they post that I consider horrific examples of terrible skills. Over the years I incorporated both elements I found good from other surgeons' methods and learned what not to do from others. 

I then looked further and found fake accounts and attack web sites, a sickening experience missing the background details as to what happened, why, or anything other than a trail of flame tweets that I consider destructive and inappropriate. Tweeting is too short to offer proof, photographs, videos, pages of examples, and explanations as to what may be simple or complex issues.

I am somewhat worried about permitting this forum to be an open moderated area for a respectful dialogue about issues. I did not put the tweeter names not links to the sites I did not like so as to not build their link power. However, if the participants can keep the dialogue on a professional level, no attacks, no disrespectful comments, the forum can be a healing tool for disagreements and expose the wrong incorrect or inappropriate behavior. I will boot anyone who does not adhere to our forum policies. I only offer a place to post, no guarantee of mediation or taking sides.

The dialogue on the forum also permits open and private messages. I do not like what I found, the posts, sites, accounts are disrespecting our field of passion of Health Care Beauty and helping others. The public is watching. Do not destroy yourselves and harm the education and healing world.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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