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A leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), bodySCULPT® offers arm liposuction that can effectively remove loose skin and enhance the appearance of the arm.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

was found on a site I was reading. I could not find any before and pictures.

It made me wonder in what ways was the increased skin retraction documented? Are there Standard Before After Pictures or even better yet Videos showing extent or problem and extent of solution to make such claims? Measurements showing loose skin component? Would like to see such methods. I could not even find any before after documentation nor path of recovery revealing bruising and healing.

I have my own ideas about how, but not put them on web for arm. Here is Loose Skin Documentation concept and Gallery for Tummy Tuck explaining the process and methodology:
Stomach Loose Skin Picture Gallery Documentation and Analysis where liposuction was an element of the sculpture. I use gravity and pulling tissues for the belly and lower body.

I would like to better understand claims of such treatment. For this variation of liposuction to tighten skin, I would also like to see how tissues move. Tightening with immobile scars can look very bad in real life as in this example. Failed Revision Gynecomastia Extended Crater Defect. Check that analysis, watch the video to see what flexing the muscles looked like.

Hope this helps,

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