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Good Morning Sir,

I am interested in surgery. I have been working out my chest non-stop and I am an active runner. Yet my nipples won't change and have been the same since I was 12 years old. Didn't hurt my self-esteem that much but just more of an annoyance. Could you refer me to someone in the Las Vegas area? Also, how much does this procedure cost? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Over 60% of all male have had contour problems of gynecomastia. The breast tissue all mammals have is commonly stimulated to grow during the hormone changes of puberty. Thankfully for most this is transient and temporary, but not for all. What has not resolved by 2 years typically remains Age Of Gynecomastia Before Considering Surgery. For some the contour is not an issue. However, Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia really can ruin the male look for an athlete running or other activity. The protrusion can rub against the shirt resulting in bleeding. Bloody Nipples Running Pictures.

(not my patient.)

While I was in practice, patients with that problem worked out with Second Stage Gynecomastia Garment to flatten the nipples, stabilize them, and minimize such traumatic tissue problems.

Nipple Contour Problems come in different degrees as seen on Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia Gallery to demonstrate the problem and my skills. Unfortunately, Not All Surgeons Have the Same Skills

How to Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon. Sorry, retired I no longer offer medical advice such as specific surgeon names. But this forum can be used as a tool to post problems to prove points, both for patients unhappy with results or surgeons with claims of effective methods of treatment. Learning how to take pictures and post them here or the bodybuilding forum is one way to show others your concerns and potentially find someone who can help. The pictures were a key component in my analysis of remaining resources and what problem(s) remained after surgery or what I might be able to offer. It is a matter of seeing the real results, not verbal hand waiving obscuring how tissues move, a critical factor for a runner with contour problems. Here is an important tool on How to Evaluate Gynecomastia Before After Pictures. When looking for results, Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia has its own skill set. Choosing a surgeon who can show a large volume of such specific sculpture improves the odds of a result with that problem.

This forum is designed to be a meeting place for those with concerns and surgeons with a passion to help and show off examples of their skills. You are welcome to join, share your story, experiences or improve this resource.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in our office depended on the problem to be treated: we saw so many different types that one price fits all was not appropriate. Prices also vary around the country and world. However, I saw so many patients with horrible deformities who tried to save money with less expensive surgeons or clinics where individual surgeons' skills could not easily be studied and evaluated. Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - How About Discounts From Training Programs? is a discussion on this subject that also pertains to other clinics with numbers of surgeons.

You are welcome to join us, post your concerns and use the forum to surgeon search. Although retired I still try to share my knowledge and experiences.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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