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I am wondering if you know of someone in the Boston area or in Southern California who could help with a poor outcome from otoplasty done 16 years ago.  One side was severely overcorrected, leaving me with a pointy ear.  The surgeon did a revision, achieving a normally rounded shape, however the helical rim is odd looking -- it does not fold over in some areas.
I am hoping some type of implantable material could be used to give the helical rim a normal shape, or a cartilage graft.
Thank you for any recommendations.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

There are many possible complications with Plastic Surgery of the Ear. Outcome depends on the original problem, what was done, skill of the surgeon, after surgery are, patient healing, and many other factors. Complications can be of multiple types. They can actually look like some congenital problems such as the Pointed Ear or Constricted Ear. Different elements can be part of the over correction as in this Repeat Otoplasty for Over Folded Antihelix.

Revision Otoplasty is an art form. Seeing just how a surgeon manages different deformities and typical results can help demonstrate sculpture skills. That is why I added that element as a significant aspect of How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon and How to Evaluate Otoplasty Before After Photographs. . Seeing examples of how the surgeon manages revision problems may be more relevant than just how they manage different issues.

You are welcome to use our resources to learn and or post your images here on the forum to better define your concerns and deformity. I developed my Standard Otoplasty Pictures to define ears contour problems and results. There are surgeons with a passion for problem solving. Posting pictures puts a contour to the words.

There are also limitations as to what surgery can realistically offer. If you decide to join the forum and post your questions, then I will extend my answer about the use of implants cartilage and other such options generically. This is a field of great future potential in the process of evolving.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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