Author Topic: Negative result - NOT with Dr. Michael Bermant  (Read 6874 times)

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Negative result - NOT with Dr. Michael Bermant
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:07:52 AM »

I'm 26 years old. I live in Mass, so I did my surgery there (inverted nipple correction) in March/13/2013. The result was very bad as my nipples are still inverted and smaller.

The doctor realized that, so he refunded the money.

However, lately I have been having pain around my left nipple, like a needle sticking me.

After the surgery, my surgeon called, emailed, and mailed me a letter asking me to come back to his office ASAP because he needed to remove a suture. I didn't understand why he wanted to do that? And I could not meet with him and do a new small procedure to remove the suture because it was during my finals and many other things.

Now, I have this pain which I don't know what to do about and sometimes during he day, I can see something coming out from my left inverted nipple (looks like the tip of my nipple). Other times it all the way inside!

Any suggestions? Who should I call or seek help from regarding this matter?

Thank you much for your time!

P.S. thank you for having this forum. It is great!
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