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I had Gynecomastia surgery approx 2.5 weeks ago. I was conducting a routine scar treatment massage a couple of nights ago. I believe that I may have busted the edges of the steri-strips, and caused one of the incisions along the top nipple/chest interface to reopen (Maybe?). I saw an incision line and the skin slightly pulled away from it. Left alone, the wound pain was akin to a very very bad paper-cut, with a sharp burning sensation. The steri-strip wasnt long enough to adhere the skin back together. I was worried about infection and not healing correctly, so I took Betadine and washed the area, when it was dry I pushed the incision back together and applied a liquid bandage complex to keep it closed (pharmacists in the area had no idea what a steri-strip

My question is, were these actions correct?

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