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: Revision Gynecomastia Forum - Loose Skin After Successful? Liposuction Revision
: DrBermant June 25, 2012, 04:35:57 PM
Hello Dr...

First of all, congratulations on your retirement! I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people who needed your expertise and bedside manner...so impressive...

I am a comic of - years and although knowing you do not give out advice anymore, am seeking a tightening of my nipple area after a successful lipo...

I am doing this for auditions...I have presented at the - and just want to feel more confident with shirt off...never was super overweight, had glands and lipo done years ago...

I am due to go in to Dr. - in -, who gave his preoperative counsel...

I am doing local (hate needles) and am just naturally concerned about not wanting too tight (twinkle effect) and was told the tradeoff is the round scar around the aerola...ringlet dissolveable stitches...

Again, I know you are retired...any checklist or advice would be SOOO greatly appreciated...again, this is for TV...etc...

I can send you a pic of chest (I know this sounds odd, but you are the BEST at what you do/did!!!)

Just a droop of the left nipple and not much on right...

Congrats again and enjoy your well deserved time off!

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thank you for your kind words. I no longer offer specific medical advice nor private comments. I do share my experience here on our forum.

Successful surgery does not need revision. Exceptions include a problem that has changed such as new gland growth or lax tissues from muscle volume loss, weight loss, or aging. The issue of liposuction tightening skin issue has come up over and over again such as in this discussion: Can Liposuction Alone Tighten Skin to Avoid Tuck Scars? (http://www.abodybeautiful.com/forum/index.php?topic=249.0)

There are several options to Tighten Excess Skin Male Chest (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/procedure_folder/male_breast/gynecomastia_excess_skin.html). The problem is limited to what ones look good initially or last over time. Pick the wrong surgeon or wrong technique and someone can end up with this type of Large Areola Complication After Chest Skin Reduction Surgery (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/procedure_folder/male_breast_lift/male_large_areola.html) who came to me from Australia. I have seen several such examples from different doctors over the years.

(http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/images/tummy_tuck/starburst_bellybutton.jpg) Starburst Deformity (from other surgeon removing belly button) come if different degrees can also be an issue.

It is an issue of the human body and skin as in Belly Button Skin Reduction Complication Revision (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/procedure_folder/abdominoplasty/belly_button_tuck.htm) where someone tried to tighten skin around a small structure with various techniques and failed repeatedly. Then she came to me.

Managing such skin tightening under local alone was not something I offered. Plastic Surgery Anesthesia (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/procedure_folder/bermant_anesthesia.html) is an art form, we used local with sedation for our patients' comfort and safety. But options depend on the problem and what needs to be done.

The issue is getting beyond verbal hand waving and looking at actual results of what someone claims. That is the basis behind our resources such as How to Evaluate Gynecomastia Pictures (http://www.abodybeautiful.com/gynecomastia_forum/gynecomastia_pictures.html) and How to Pick A Gynecomastia Surgeon (http://www.abodybeautiful.com/gynecomastia_forum/gynecomastia_surgeon.htm).

For those with after surgery issues I used my Standard Gynecomastia Pictures for Revision Surgery (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/revision_gynecomastia/chest_revision_pictures.htm) evolved to critically analyze scars and tissue movement. My Standard Pictures of Male Mastopexy Male Chest For Loose Skin (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/procedure_folder/male_breast_lift/male_breast_lift_pictures.htm) evolved to demonstrate laxity issues. When patients were asking for my help with both issues, a complete series using both sets were critical to understand important issues.

We welcome the public to join us, post images about their concerns, share what has worked or not worked. Tightening the male chest is a series of compromises and an educated patient helps establish realistic expectations. We also welcome surgeons to demonstrate their problems and results showing how their methods work.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Learn More About Revision Gynecomastia and Chest Surgery (http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/revision_gynecomastia/index.html)