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 OK, so I've had 3 gyno surgeries so far, the first surgery did absolutely nothing! I think the surgeon just sucked surrounding fat around the tissue, the second one was almost perfect until scar tissue started forming and the third surgeries result was just a little less scar tissue(left side). My right side is flat, but when I put my arm to the side fat puffs out the side in between my chest and armpit( mind you I'm 6"1 8.9% body fat and 210 lbs) so Im not fat! I still cant walk around without a freaking shirt on because im self conscious about my now, not big, but deformed looking chest. All I want is a perfect chest and I don't understand if its my anatomy that's causing it to not work or if its the surgeon, I guess the good thing is that i can now where shirts comfortably, just not too tight like how i would like to wear them.It just plain sucks to put all this wrk in the gym and your nutrition, but its almost as if you have nothing to show for it. Im just glad I found a place where people can relate to what Im going through, sry to ramble on guys..

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