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Revision Otoplasty Ear Surgery / Asking for help or advice revision.
« on: September 19, 2012, 03:25:49 AM »
Hi. I know Dr. Bernant is retired. If he or any other surgeon on board could direct me to the correct help i would be greatly appreciated. I had otoplasty about 1 year ago. One ear was done correctly but the other was a complete disaster, the deformed ear has been revised 3 times and it still is nowhere near the result and i am seeking. I have attached a photo in the post. Ever since my world has been upside down, so any kind of help would means the world to me. My main concern is the back view of the ear, it has a crease/bent on the shape of the helix. also the anti-helix is quite enlarge.  I was thinking about having ear piercing right at the crease to hide the deformity for now. Do you think that is such a good idea?  my email is  i am willing to travel any distance and pay any price. people say its just an ear, but to me its everything for now, until something worst might happen in my lifetime. 

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