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Hello.  I am a 43 year old male.  I have a very specific question about two lipo procedures I had.  I will be detailed in my description for accuracy.

A few years ago I had an Aqua-lipo procedure in Florida on my abdomen and love handles. At the time I was 5'10" and about 175-180.   Before the procedure, I did REAMS of research and homework to try and ensure things worked out well.  My weight was not excessive, except for the abdomen and love handle area.  Even if I dieted to the point where I looked nearly gaunt (165), I still had a layer of fat in the abdomen and around the sides.

There were no complications with the procedure.

After healing, I noticed that there seemed to be absolutely no difference in my appearance.    I consulted the doctor and he insisted he worked on me until all of the fat in the area between the skin and abdominal wall was removed.  He also suggested this may be inter-abdominal fat, but this is not the case as I can tighten my abs and a large amount of fat remains outside of it and I can feel my tight abs underneath.  When I say a large amount of fat, I mean a large fistfull. I can Pinch 4-5", maybe 6.  Now, when receiving lipo, everybody seems clear that you need to be careful that you should avoid gaining weight as the areas where you have lipo will not grow.  However, if I gain weight my abdomen blows right up, no problem.

He agreed to examine me in person.

When he did so, he said that all of the fat in my abdomen was simply skin.

I then went to a dermatologist.   I asked him his opinion on the skin on my abdomen.  He said skin, almost everywhere, is no more than about a centimeter thick.  I asked him if he thought I had grotesquely thick skin.  He looked at me like I was nuts and said no, you have abdominal fat and lots of it.  (I already knew this. Do you have any idea how silly it feels to pay a dermatologist $120 to confirm for you that you have visible abdominal fat?)   So I asked him to write me for a CT scan.

I had the CT scan and the doctor reading the scans also confirmed large areas of abdominal fat. (I have these)

So I went back to the original doc with my findings, and he agreed to redo the procedure.  This time he went more slowly, and took his time.  I'm quite sure he was attempting to make sure he didn't do this a third time.

After the second procedure..... I looked the same!

I have seen hundreds of other lipo pictures, and in many or most there is a dramatic change in appearance, especially in men.  I work out and I have what feels to be a defined abdominal wall.  I have seen before pictures of men with ab fat, and after pictures where there is no fat present at all, and the muscles are showing through the skin.

So my question is, what do you think is happening here?  Aqua lipo was supposed to do less tissue damage, but does it also not remove fat like it should?  There is no mistaking the fact that I have a plainly visible amount of abdominal fat.  This is clearly not just skin unless skin can be several inches thick. I'm beginning to think I'm the only thin person in the world that can have two lipo procedures and still be fat afterwards. One of the blog posts here even shows a doctor took out too much fat of someone else and left not enough between the skin and abs, so obviously something is going on with me, my doc, or my procedure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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